Regular Concerts


Regular Concerts
Welcome and thank you for visiting The Basingstoke Blues Club website. We thank the 200+ bands who have played at the regular concerts held since 1992, and we Thank You all for your continued support. Since the year 2000 whilst based at The Moose Centre, we were able to donate over £2,000 per year to charities, indeed our combined total to date exceeds £30,000 to many different charities. Sadly support at the regular concerts has dwindled significantly with 2016 showing huge drops in attendance such that instead of collecting towards 2016’s £2,000 donation to charities, we had instead on 14th Jan.17, to use up all remaining funds to donate £1,000 to our charity since 2014: “Brain Tumour Research” Charity No: 1153487.

However all is NOT lost, The Basingstoke Blues Club will be arranging one-off concerts in the future at The Moose Centre (as well as other local venues) and hope you and your friends will support these events.



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