Moose International Great Britain Association

Directors-General of the Supreme Lodge since 1909


Have you Heard of The Greatest Story Never Told?


Have you Heard of The Greatest Story Never Told?

Then please allow me to tell you. The Moose is a North American animal that was studied carefully by a Scotsman Dr J Henry Wilson, who felt that mankind could learn much from the habits of the animal; he noted that the Moose protected the young and the old of the herd and always displayed the best qualities of family life. Based upon the virtues of the Moose, Dr Wilson decided to form a Society for the benefit of the members and their fellow man. One of the first members was James J Davies, an Iron Puddler from the blast furnaces of Pennsylvania, who as a child emigrated with his parents from Tredegar, Monmouthshire in Wales.

James J Davies saw within the Organisation the possibility of expansion not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom. In doing so he returned to his roots in Tredegar and there formed the first Moose meeting house in Wales this being one of the first great cornerstones on which our organisation is built today. Its service to the community demonstrating our concerns for those less fortunate than ourselves. Our aims are to forge bonds of friendship and to foster mutual aid among our members, to encourage good citizenship and kindly feelings between people of all nations, to stand for the preservation of constitutional government, to provide sustenance and education for dependant Children of deceased members, to assist our widows and give aid to our aged members, to give Vocational Guidance to those children of our members who may be in need of such guidance.


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Directors-General of the Supreme Lodge since 1909

At the age of 43, Scott D Hart became the youngest Director-General
in office for 96 years since James J Davies in 1916.

James J Davies 1909-1947
Malcolm R Giles 1947-1953